Robert Govoruhk

Robert began in the construction industry in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 16. His experience restoring historical buildings and rehabbing fire damaged houses eventually led to him joining a carpenters union and working on many commercial projects. Robert and his family came to Florida in 1988 and he began work as foreman of a framing crew.

As our rough Framing Carpentry Division, Bobby supervises and manages all of the framing staff as well as the installation of all rough (load and non- load bearing framing) carpentry that is normally part of every one of our projects. This work includes the fabrication and placement for all interior and exterior walls, grounds, shoring, floors, joists and trusses, structural columns, beams, bracing, engineering and headers as well as placement of exterior siding, eaves, fascias, soffits and all other exterior decorative features including all exterior windows, doors and trim.